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Gmas Innovations

Gmas Innovations has over 10 years of experience with the digitization and workflow system developments. Specialized with the Orchestration and work flow design and Implementation.

SoftDox Forms - Cloud

SoftDox on Cloud. Same features and functionality in a public or private cloud. For Startup or any new project can be started with no time on environment readiness. All the functionality can be executed from the dump systems through a browser. No need to invest any infrastructure or any automation and processing servers.

SoftDox Forms - Enterprise

SoftDox is the Enterprise level application, to serve the functionality for forms processing back office vendors. Supports any type of structured form. Provide Decision making system with different automation and Manual processes enables with this. Project based expert matrix and process flow definition.

SoftDox Enterprise

SoftDox Forms - Cloud

Goal Mouth

Structured Forms processing

Higher Accuracy

Minimal Resource utilization

Plug and Play Projects

Any New Client Process & Flow implemented with 10 mins of admin configuration

Standardize Process modules

Priority of Tasks

Work load balancer

Target Business

Finance Organization




Many More...