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About Gmas

Gmas Innovations has over 10 years of experience with the digitization and workflow system developments. Specialized with the Orchestration and work flow design and Implementation.

Fit will medium and enterprise level forms processing Organizations. Fits with Finance, Medical, Telecom, Education and many more domains. Name it any structured forms can be process with a automated and controlled way. No Limit on batch and resource size with Application. Suites with very large processing environments too.

Single System implementation support for more client process. Decision making with provided rubrics in advance. Flow and Process descriptions are entitled to the client requirement. Multiple client - different process requirement with single system is the magic with SoftDox. Resource Management between automated and manual process is possible through a central monitoring engine.

Micro level process Management will improve the efficiency and reduce fault level to the ground. Help on increase in business with high accuracy Levels. Drastic improvements in the accuracy and proper utilization of resource. Break and Start possibility. Archival of process States and continue for their after some time also possible with this system.

Feature Enhancements related to any new domain and processed is tranquil, due to the current platform which is based on Microsoft Framework. No Third party software utilization, will help to implement with any no of system without any additional overhead in operations.


Browser based application based latest web standards

Gmas products and solutions offer a combination of benefits uncommon in today's technology marketplace - non-programmatic configuration, sophisticated functionality, user-friendly interfaces, rapid implementation and flexible configuration.